Getting Started Blog

  • Preceptor’s expectations and concerns of working with an NP student

Direct questioning is the biggest thing on which my preceptor wants to focus. It helps to stimulate thinking and allow the student to share observations and interpretations with the preceptor.

Critical thinking needs to be applied while addressing each patient and feedback from preceptor will be given frequently.

Actively participate in making the assessment, plan and clear all doubts same time.

  • How your preceptor is applying the clinical thinking process to patient care.

critical thinking in nursing is an essential component of professional accountability and quality nursing care.

Applied research-based knowledge while addressing patient’s concerns.

Using decision-making skills and clinical judgement.

Focus on problem-solving skills and maintain the professional practice.

  • Drugs used in practice this week

Tramadol 50mg PO BID for pain management

Adderall 10mg PO once a day for ADHD

Claritin 10mg PO one time daily for allergy

Acyclovir 800mg PO every 4hrs for 7days for Shingles

My first week in clinical practice was awesome and I learned a lot of new things such as how to interact with patients in the clinic setting as I always worked in the hospital setting, the environment was a little bit different.


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