Safety in practice

Two common areas where errors occur in the clinical setting are related to:

  • giving immunizations with the correct documentation

Giving proper vaccination is as important as giving correct medicine to patients. Most common errors occurred when prescribers failed to recognize the correct age of patient for vaccination and staff is not updated regarding the new recommendations for the vaccines. To avoid these type of mistakes staff should receive ongoing education, such as whenever vaccine administration recommendations are updated, or when new vaccines are added to the facility’s inventory, to maintain staff competency.

Some other examples of immunization errors are:

Drug administered at inappropriate site

Drug administration error

Incorrect drug dosage form administered

Incorrect drug administration duration

Incorrect route of drug administration

Multiple uses of a single-use product

Wrong technique in drug usage process

  • writing prescriptions

Prescription errors are a major problem among medication errors. Errors often arise from a lack of knowledge about drugs, including indications and contraindications, appropriate doses, maximum dosages, routes and drug interactions.

Communication failure: When communication failed between prescriber, assistants and pharmacies errors occurred such as poor handwriting, misinterpreted verbal orders, use of abbreviations and missing decimals are some sources or errors. Read back the orders can help to prevent these errors.


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