Teamwork and Interprofessional Collaboration Blog

Definition of teamwork: A team consists of two or more individuals, who have specific roles, perform independent tasks, are adaptable, and share a common goal (Baker et al., 2006).
My clinical setting is a primary care clinic in which there is 2 MDs, 1 NP (my preceptor), 3 medical assistants and 1 registration clerk. NP is very experienced and she is in this field from more than 15 years. The clinic is doing an excellent job in providing services to the local residents and served a large number of population as there are not many primary care clinics in this area. In clinic from 2 MDs, one is eye doctor who barely talk to staff besides his own medical assistants. NP communicates with physician and medical staff very often and they all work as a team and it helps to run clinic smoothly. Chief medical officer of the clinic makes rounds once in every few days and talk to everyone but otherwise, most of the communication with her is through email, unless if anything urgent then they call her. As I believe in: Teamwork as an Essential Component of High-Reliability Organizations. This clinic is small, without enough support for employees but still they work together to run it smoothly. In my future, I’m looking a place which has more opportunities.


Baker, D. P., Day, R., & Salas, E. (2006). Teamwork as an Essential Component of High-Reliability Organizations. Health Services Research41(4 Pt 2), 1576–1598.

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