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Continued education is a vital part of professional development and it helps in maintaining a higher level of services provided by professionals. In the healthcare field, evidence-based practice brings a new era of development. As a provider, it is essential for a nurse practitioner to keep up to date with current research so that evidence-based practice can be used in achieving a high quality of care. Continue education can be obtained by numerous resources such as classes are available online as well as through in site classes. There is evidence-based databases are available which provide information on whole healthcare topics, such as CINAHL, PubMed, Lexicomp, Up-to-date, and Medscape. Classes are offered by American nurse practitioner Associates approved institution which provides CEU’s to NPs.
My process in discovering modalities and developing resources includes continuing education classes, renewing my ACLS, BLS licenses, my preceptors, clinical site providers, academic resources provided by Samuel Merritt University and online research. I’m also planning to participate in nurse practitioner association so that I can be up to date on current health care issues and research. I use Medscape during my clinical hours to look up information regarding medications.

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