Tech Tool Review Blog

The technological tool that I have seen in my clinical site is Medscape. It provides information about chronic diseases with their clinical presentation and treatment approaches. It provides students and new graduates an idea of what to look for with differential diagnosis tool. Medscape is based on the evidence-based practice which provides up to date information about diseases and drugs. It is very accurate and adequate to get information by medical professionals.The deficiency in Medscape is involvement of some unnecessary information for patients when we tried to print education for them as that information can be over warming for them.

The EMR systems in which I came to contact with are Nextgen and Centricity during my clinical rotation. Nextgen program is very basic, less complex and easy to understand for new users as well as older age users who are not very familiar with technology. It is very easy to do charting, ordering medicine, refill the prescription and submitting the chart for billing, whereas Centricity is more professional. Visit summaries are very easily assessable for previous visits. Bright future is an excellent tool during pediatric physical examinations and immunizations/vaccinations are easy to find. This program is more fitted to do customized charting shortcuts. I like both EMR systems as they both have their own good and bad features.


Getting started blog

Reflect on your first semester and identify new skills emerging or developed from the Skills Checklist

On my first day in the clinical rotation, I did shadow whole day and when next day my preceptor asked me to assess I was not confident enough with my assessment. As gradually I moved in the semester I developed confidence in my skills and during the second semester I start thinking critically and my preceptor allowed me to see patients independently before she sees patient herself so that I can make a treatment plan to promote my problem-solving skills.

New learning goals for N680L

My learning goals for next semester includes working in the specialist clinic as coumadin clinic, express care, ortho specialty, I want to be more confident in making treatment plans, be excellent in SOAP notes and seeing a different variety of patients.

Consider diagnoses, procedures, and medications you have become familiar with

I have become women’s health diagnosis and procedures such as bacterial vaginosis, STD’s, vaginal bleeding, contraception, pap smear, IUD insertion. I did some hours in the pediatric rotation and get familiar with URI, croup, strep throat, asthma, ear infections, pharyngitis, eczema, bronchitis.

What thoughts do you want to share about your first week back into clinical practice?

I’m currently in family practice rotation wants to gain as much hands-on and independent experience as possible to prepare for the upcoming real world of being FNP who works under the guidelines approved by evidence-based practice.