Reflection Blog

  • Do you feel prepared to practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner? Why or why not?
  • What skills and common diagnoses do you feel you need to research further for independent practice?
  • Reflect on the goals you set during Week 1 of the course. What goals have you met? What do you need to do to take what you have learned with you into practice?
  • What new goals do you have to prepare yourself as you transition into practice?

My time as a nurse practitioner student in Samuel Merritt University’s accelerated NP program did go as expected. I feel prepared to practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner who can work in the primary care setting with some guidance in the initial period. I’m not ready to work in urgent care setting as I have very less exposure to all the procedures that a provider in urgent care should know how to do it in the case of triage such as suturing. The medical field is a journey of lifetime learning in which you never stop learning different treatment approaches, diagnostics, prevention plans based on evidence- based guidelines and recommendations.  I learned a lot during my clinical hours.

New learning goals for N680L during Week 1

My learning goals for next semester includes working in the specialist clinic as Coumadin clinic, express care, ortho specialty, I want to be more confident in making treatment plans, be excellent in SOAP notes and seeing a different variety of patients.

I met my Coumadin clinic goal as well as express care but unfortunately, I’m not able to find preceptor who only deals with Ortho problems. I have seen patients in family practice with back pain, sports injuries, and muscle spasms. I’m confident with them but never get exposure to do knee injections. It took time, hard work, dedication, always eager to learn something new, the sacrifice of family and personal life to achieve these goals. Now I’m confident to make treatment plans for diseases I encounter. I’m able to see 15-18 patients in 10 hours of clinical practice.

New goals for transition into nurse practitioner

Transition phase of RN to NP is quite bit challenging, as a scope of practice of an RN is totally different to the NP. The organizational expectations to be clinically competent and able to meet the demands of a complex healthcare system can be overwhelming.

My new goals are to get my certification, finding a job in primary care where I can work for the underserved population. I want a mentor who helps to pass this phase smoothly. I will always follow the evidence-based practice, keep myself updated with new guidelines to work in primary care practice. I will join NP organizations to attend meetings and conferences to gain more confidence in practice.  

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